Translated by Rusudan Lomidze – ნათარგმნია რუსუდან ლომიძის მიერ

       No one of Sparsian annalists has ever mentioned about Georgian who were driven away by force from their country. There does not exist any information from where we could learn something about the past of those who were driven away as an animals, how did they suffer, but they could survive, they could cope the misfortune. But there is a period where there should be written the history of Georgia, it is left as a white spot (fortunately ) this gap can be fulfilled, maybe there are not precise dates, but there is so much information which is given from generation to generation by telling stories. There is a man who sent the report to the Georgian newspaper “Kviris Palitra”, the story is telling about the below mentioned tragedy.
       Giorgi Khutsishvili tells: According to Giorgi khutsishvili In Fereidan between the villages Martkopi and Chugureti there exists the mountain which has the shape of castle (naturally), it is very important for those Georgian , for the families of the warriors who were living there during the attack of the enemy, on this mountain there are two springs which helped those people to survive. Besides above mentioned, the castle shaped mountain is the witness of many facts, it remembered those Georgian: as heroes, as warriors, to see this mountain, to look at it lets us know about its sorrows and painful past, sometimes joy days. This mountain made those Georgian as fit as fiddle.
       Unfortunately there is no precise data which could show the battle against Georgian destroying them economically and morally, but finally from the ashes thy could blossom.
       It is known that in the second half of 17-th century the social political condition was not stabil. In (1736-47)yy after killing Nadir- Shah there provoke split between authority, Qerim-Khan got the leadership, after that the everything was changed to worth, they also tried Georgian to be subordinated. The damage was huge after this battle and they’d like to take the material income from Georgian, before no one dared, asked to do this and they know that it is impossible for them to subordinate and make Georgian to pay taxes. After declaring about their demands, Georgian answer was that – Bread got from the land, got by working them, wouldn’t give to the enemy. Khan was furious after listening this words and the army with 10 000 soldiers was sent against Georgian to be punished. Georgian people ran to the Castle Shaped Mountain t o hide. They even sent envoy to Georgian with the mission to subordinate, and they would not harm them but Georgian strictly declared that they would fight to the last drop of blood. They did not let him even to say a word connected to this. Georgian declared to Khan that they would never bow in front of the enemy, if the enemy defeats them anyway they would be winners, they would be free.

       When Qerim-Khan was smoking his tobacco-pipe suddenly the top of the tobacco-pipe exploded – Sybilua Tavazashvili shoot him from the Castle Shaped Mountain, and when Sybulia was asked why he did not kill Qerim- khan instead of shooting the pipe, he answered that Georgian never shoot, never kill from back even if it’s an enemy.
       Qarim Han answered with battle the fight was very hard, that day the battle lasted all day long but no one won, it was postponed for the other day, and the other day became harder for Georgian as they had no food, no water they could not stand to the end so they were defeated, but no one was going to get the prisoner of Khan and they were falling from high rocks(killing themselves-not to be the slaves and prisoners of the enemy).
       Georgian who were survived, were gathered at the bottom of the mountain. Khan ordered to cut heads to those people who were already dead, and kill them who survived.
       They must be killed with their eyes tied up, Georgian refused to be killed with their eyes tied up they’d like to be shoot and killed looking at them, facing to them.
       The most painful was suffering one of the Georgian leaders called Urujukul-Beg he was tied to the barrel of the gun (after shooting he would be exploded, his parts of the body would be disappeared in the air), before death Urujukul Beg asked: “Before shooting take Georgia as a target” killers did not go against his wish, they did it.
       One of Qerim Han’s generals of the army there was general who was Georgian in origin, during this battle he was in Shiraz, and he did not know anything about this fact, he seemed to be sorry about survived Georgian, and asked khan to give that people to him. Han did this for him, as he liked him very much and that’s the way general saved their lives.
       After battle they were too weak, not able to keep habits anymore, many families and their generations were disappeared time to time, mother who was falling from rock, was holding her baby close, she was falling down on her back aiming her baby to be survived by this way The baby (Kaverdi Khutsishvili) who survived by this way his generation is still living in Fereidan.
       The author of this story Giorgi Khutsishvili is the successor of that Kaverdi Khutsishvili.

       As Giorgi says: “this battle was held to exam Georgian spirit it’s character not for avoiding taxes, to show that Georgian will never bow in front if the enemy. We were growing up with this painful stories, and it passed from generation to generation, so it made us stronger not to forget our language our, rules and habits, keeping and passing it from generation to generation”.
       As time passes we understand more and more we have to learn from our brothers-Georgian a lot even to appreciate our history.

Eka Lomidze

* * *

        Rusudan Lomidze – Date of Birth: 26/07/1980; Place of Birth: Borjomi, Georgia; Education: 1986-1997 Georgian School №1. Borjomi, Georgia; 2003 Georgian Technical Univercity Humanitarian Department An Interpreter. Experience: J.S.C. “BORJOMMINWATER” as an interpreter.

        რუსუდან ლომიძე – დაბადებული 1980 წლის 26 ივლისს, ბორჯომში. დამთავრებული აქვს ბორჯომის პირველი ქართული სკოლა და საქართველოს ტექნიკური უნივერსიტეტის ჰუმანიტარული ფაკულტეტი თარჯიმან-რეფერენტის სპეციალობით. ამჟამად მუშაობს ს.ს. ”ბორჯომმინწყლებში” თარჯიმნად.