Our language – our soul!

Translated by Rusudan Lomidze – ნათარგმნია რუსუდან ლომიძის მიერ

      “Happy Of Being Georgian!” It is written on the calendar by Fereidanian-Georgian. For this beautiful words nobody claimed, It was just because of honesty, which passes from generation to generation for 300 years up to now.
      Our language shows who we are! Our language – our soul! These words also were written by them. People who were taken away from their land, from their country (by force), they have very accurate attitude towards their past. Despite of all difficulties they met on the way to their future they survived their language which they call their mother language.
      This fact must be an example for them, who has forgotten their native language living in their mother country following fashion, forgetting native language and habits It's in fashion now. We have to think, we have to worry about this problem.
      Where have we gone, where are we lost wandering, going from where? To where?
      But with those Georgian it happened vice-versa they had to fight for their lives, after started fighting for language of course. If not allowed writing and reading they could speak, they could do it orally. In the early morning they prayed, going out they prayed. That's how they could rescue and live up to now.
      – First we did not know that Georgian language had it's own spelling, our parents were very sorry as Armenian had their written language, Sparsian their own writing language but not Georgian, and we created ourselves the letters, which we were writing with, even my father was using this letters in his work (he was working on the wood), the story was told by Leqso Darchiashvili, It was before uncle Nodar Cochlashvili came to Iran and said that we had our native writing language, after that we all were learning and using our language, they were making (with their hands) copies of “DEDA ENA” (It means mother language, it is the first book from where everyone can start learning to write and read Georgian language). From my childhood I knew that I was different, as I entered home I was speaking Georgian, going out – Sparsian.
      – I started to learn alphabet, my father promised me if I learned one page in one day he would take me to my uncle, even my mother knitted the carpet and inside she wrote the following expression, which is translated (the man not looking for a friend, is enemy of himself)
      – How could your parents teach you the language so well?
      – There were no books at all, not even tought the Georgian language, we were learning it ourselves by helping our parents at home, our parents, especially father said that if we did not learn our language first of all he wouldn't let us go out.
      Very often It was Vahtang Sepiashvili who told my parents the story about; how did the Georgian get the lend which belonged to god. (there is the legend, that when god was giving lands to all nations in the world, in the queue there was not Georgian, and after giving lands to all, suddenly the Georgian appeared for this time god hat no land at all and after listening (for reason not coming in time) to him god gave him the land which had left for himself to the Georgian.)
      – Was it difficult for you to learn Georgian? I'm asking to Vahtang
      – not very difficult as it was native language, I loved listening Georgian stories before falling asleep, especially: “NACARQEQIA” and “CHITICHRELA”.
      Leqso Darchiashvili is learning in an Art Academy he wants to carve Georgian letters, make it beautiful.
      They often said that they believed if go under the rainbow – will go to Georgia, and one day it became real, whish came true, on the way flying to Baku the plain flew under the rainbow and came to Georgia. – they say honestly and with love.
      They arrived with presents which are priceless: our phrases and expressions maybe some of them have not even heard before.
      14-th of April is the day to celebrate the Day Of Georgian language, this day is important for them who knows that to keep your language by fighting and after this be the winner, will understand that “Our language – our soul”.

       Lela Jikashvili

* * *

       Rusudan Lomidze – Date of Birth: 26/07/1980; Place of Birth: Borjomi, Georgia; Education: 1986-1997 Georgian School №1. Borjomi, Georgia; 2003 Georgian Technical Univercity Humanitarian Department An Interpreter. Experience: J.S.C. “BORJOMMINWATER” as an interpreter.

       რუსუდან ლომიძე – დაბადებული 1980 წლის 26 ივლისს, ბორჯომში. დამთავრებული აქვს ბორჯომის პირველი ქართული სკოლა და საქართველოს ტექნიკური უნივერსიტეტის ჰუმანიტარული ფაკულტეტი თარჯიმან-რეფერენტის სპეციალობით. ამჟამად მუშაობს ს.ს. ”ბორჯომმინწყლებში” თარჯიმნად.