Painters Ali Aslanishvili and Eric Binder participate in the present exhibition. The exhibition may be conventionally dalled THE WEST AND TFE EAST, as Ali Aslanishvili is a Fereidanian Georgian, and Eric Binder – an American painter from Florida. Both artists have adopted the tradition, qualities, character and attitude of the culture the representative of which they are.

      The “primeval nature” of Ali Aslanishvili`s two homelands are reflected in Isfahan landscapes, Zagros Mountains and views of Georgia. His painting, saturated with the bright sun and pleasant colours, has originated from the depths of both homelands.

      The paintings by American Eric Binder, created in Georgia, are based on the western rational concreteness. The painter`s glance is directed towards the everyday objects made by human hands and buildings. In his works Georgian everyday life, familiar objects, familiar places have turnede into remarkable objects of art and acquired high artistic quality.

      The exposition is based on the contrastive art of painters with two totally different vision and hand. However, in a single exhibition space their work is interpreted as one little western and eastern story of the great world.

Exhibition hall of “Sakpatenti” 31, Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue 1st Lane, Tbilisi;
tel.: 8(99) 72-88-01; 91-71-82
Working hours of the Gallery 12.00 – 18.00; day off – Sunday.

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