Alaverdi-Khan Undiladze

Translated by Giorgi Ghoghoberidze – ნათარგმნია გიორგი ღოღობერიძის მიერ

      Georgians have a big place in the development of Iranian history. The visual example is the activity of Alaverdi-Khan Undiladze in the period of Sapavian dynasty.
      Alaverdi-Khan Undiladze was clever, experienced and educated person. It’s his merit that in Ispahan – in of that times capital, on the river Zainde-Rud (which means “mother river”) the thirty-three arched bridge was built. Nowadays it is functioning and wears his name. The bridge has two floors and it is built with thin Georgian brick. The last floor is decorated with several very beautiful domes, it is approximately 100 metres high. On the first floor there are invaded rooms, in which there are opened tea-houses. This cool and pleasant place is always full of tourists and local inhabitants who drink tea and smoke pipe. The thirty-three arches built by Undiladze express the thirty-three letters of Georgian alphabet, on each arch there is carved each Georgian letter. Ispahan is the most beautiful city in whole Iran, especially at the shore of the river “Zaiande Rud”, where there are beautiful gardens and fountains.

      Ispahan is full of old churches and buildings which were built by Georgians and Armenians in the 17th.century. When Shah-Abase moved the capital in Ispahan, builders, masters and workers of city’s administrative buildings and some churches’ of Shah-Abase were from these basic countries. One of the most beautiful churches which Shah-Abase had is “Chehel-Sutuni”, which has wooden supports. Nowadays here is a museum. This is the only place where is a picture of Alaverdi-Khan Undiladze.


      Grandiose construction of a school and caravanserai in town Shiraz is connected with the name of Alaverdi-Khan Undiladze. The occupation of Bahrain and Baghdad from his military biography is very important, also under his leadership there appeared Iranian artillery.
      The merit of Alaverdi-Khan Undiladze’s son (Imamkhuli-Khan Undiladze) is also very important, which was expressed in military sphere. Under his leadership Persians were able to banish Portuguese from the Persian Gulf. Iranian government didn’t forget his devotion and now, in these recent years, in town “Hormos” his statue was made.

* * *

        Giorgi Ghoghoberidze – Born in march 26, 1993; in Kutaisi, Georgia; Presently learning in 8th. grade.

        გიორგი ღოღობერიძე – დაბადებული 1993 წლის 26 მარტს, ქუთაისში. ამჟამად არის მე-8 კლასის მოსწავლე.