Photo by BUBA KUDAVA – Tao-Klarjeti

      The historical territory referred to as Tao-Klarjeti is situated in the north-eastern part of Turkey. It covers Georgian historical provinces located in the basins of two rivers – Chorokhi and Mtkvari (Tao, Klarjeti, Shavsheti, Kola, Artaani, Erusheti, Chrdili, parts of Samtskhe, Javakheti and Achara).
      The region abounds with Georgian historical monuments: Oskhi, Bana, Khakhuli, Parkhali, Ishkhani, Tbeti, Khandzta, Artanuji. Many other political and cultural centers flourished in Mediaeval Tao-Klarjeti. Up to date, this territory has become a subject of lively interest of both Georgian and foreign scholars, tourists and everybody fond of antiquities in general.
       The irresistible fascination I,ve become obsessed with resulted in thousands of photos shaping my personal archive in 2003-2005 during scientific expeditions and preparation of TV projects.
      The present photo album aims at kindling of this interest in others as well.
      Special thanks to my friends and colleaques with whom I shared the unique experience of discovering in Tao-Klarjeti: Tamar Gegia, Giorgi Gelashvili, Giorgi Kalandia, Bondo Kupatadze, Mirian Makharadze, Gocha Saitidze, Jaba Samushia, Temur Khutsishvili, Nestan Jioevi.
      Visit Tao-Klarjeti, it is a miraculous place.

Buba Kudava

* * *

OSHKI. View on dome to the east. 10th cent.
ISHKHANI. View on dome to the north-west. 7th-11th cent.
PARKHALI CHURCH. Georgian inscription on the south fasade. 10th cent.
BANA. View of the church from the south-west. 7th-10th cent.
KHANDZTA. View of the monastery from the sout-east. 8th-15th cent.
ARTANUJI. Fortress and the city site. 5th cent.
DOLISKANA. View from the sout-east. 10th cent.
OTKHTA EKLESIA. View of the monastery from the sout-west. 10th cent.
KAVKASIDZES FORTRESS (fortress of Otkhta Eklesia). View from the north-east. Middle Ages.
KHAKHULI. Relief of an eagle on the south fasade of church. 10th cent.
TBETI. East fasade. 10th cent.
TETRTSIKHE. Fortress and the city site on an island of the Chrdili lake.
KVELISTSIKHE. View from the south. Middle Ages.
KALAJUKHI FORTRESS (presumably – Betchistsikhe). Middle Ages.